Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

Special Event - Year 3's Roman Day

10 November 2011

Yesterday, on Thursday, I went to the hall to see a real life Roman. He was wearing a belt with a sword and a dagger. After that the Roman man picked four children to dress up as Rotten Romans.

After that everybody got to dress up as Rotten Romans with big shields and helmets. Later my class were trained how to fight like a Rotten Roman. We used wooden shields and swords like the Romans used.

Last but not least the class acted out the story of Boudicca.

by Daniel Brookes, 3C

On Thursday it was Roman day and we dressed up as Romans. I wore a Roman dress, belt and a Roman crown.

In Langley hall, the Roman man showed us some weapons that the Romans would have used in the army. He showed us a huge shield and he let us try helmets on. We had our photographs taken with the clothes on. The spears were huge and looked very sharp. They used to be hurled at approaching enemies.

We learnt how to be in the Roman army and we used wooden swords and wooden shields. Then we learnt some basic moves and some commands in Latin.

In Coppice hall, the man told us the story of Boudicca and some children acted out the story.

by Hannah Dove, 3C