Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

Special Event - Year 1 Learn Road Safety from UPS

22 May 2013

Year 1 pupils at Coppice Primary School received a special delivery last week from UPS Tamworth. Drivers from the depot came to teach the children about road safety and the dangers of walking too close to large vehicles.

The children, having all taken turns to sit in the driver's seat, helped to demonstrate the minimum distances from the front and rear of the vehicle where pedestrians are visible to drivers – something even the Coppice staff found astonishing.

Coppice would like to thank Iain Hodge for organising the event, and his drivers for their part in making the children's learning real and fun.

Day 1.  
Day 1.

Day 1.
Day 1.

Day 2.
Day 2.

A Note from Jamie Holding

This is the fifth Birmingham Primary Schools Ski Course that it's been my privilege to lead and the third annual Town Junior and Coppice Primary Ski Trip to Torgon, Switzerland.

I work for Birmingham's Outdoor Learning Service ( at an adventure learning centre in Snowdonia, North Wales. Ogwen Cottage has been owned by Birmingham for nearly 50 years. We challenge young people from the city to climb the cliffs and mountains, kayak and canoe on lakes, rivers and the sea. Always with an emphasis on personal and social development (

Just a short (?) 22 hour coach journey transfers these ideals of education to the winter mountains of Switzerland. Youngsters from Years 5 and 6 are challenged to learn to ski, with the support of one another, their accompanying teachers, volunteer leaders, and their international ski instructors. Being away from their home and families brings challenges of a different sort, learning personal organisation, independence and consideration for others.

An element of risk is part of skiing activities. It can be reduced by the right attitude, modern equipment and good instructions but never entirely removed. The potential benefits are huge-not simply fun in the snow. 'Comfort zones' have been truly stretched, self-esteem and confidence boosted by success-ready to meet future demands of school and life. These youngsters will continue to grow and develop. They will become the contributors to and leaders of their community and they will never ever forget their ski week in Torgon 2012.

Thanks to Town Junior staff Mrs McHugh and Miss Collins, Coppice Primary staff Miss Wheeler and Mrs Parker, volunteer nurse Steph Babb and volunteer leader Rachel Parnham.

Looking forward to Torgon 2013.

Jamie Holding I.F.M.G.A.