Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

Extra Curricular Activities - Introduction

Coppice values the breadth that extra curricular activities can add to children's lives and offers a wide variety of clubs and opportunities each half term.

When Ofsted visited in 2010 they stated that "Children have an excellent understanding about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and participate fully in the very extensive provision for physical education both during the school day and through extra-curricular activities."

These include cross country, teddy tennis, football and netball to name but a few. Many other activities are offered and these include performing arts activities such as Choir, Orchestra and Drama Club, artistic activities such as Arty Crafty Club and skill-based activities such as ICT Club, Chess Club, Cooking and Bikeability.


Here is the extra curricular timetable for Autumn Term 2017:

Day Activity Time Leader Dates Cost
Mon KS2 Gym Buddies 8.00-8.40 Laura Freakly 14 wks (11/9-18/12) £37.80
Mon Y1-4 Arty Crafty Club 3.45-4.30 Ranjan Hoath tbc  
Mon KS1 Football 3.45-4.45 Jordan Francis 14 wks (11/9-18/12) £37.80
Mon KS2 Netball 3.45-4.45 JC Academy 14 wks (11/9-18/12) £37.80
Tue KS2 Cheerleading 8.00-8.40 Laura Freakly 15 wks (5/9-19/12) £40.50
Tue KS2 Hockey 3.45-4.45 JC Academy 15 wks (5/9-19/12) £40.50
Tue KS2 Tennis 3.45-4.45 Sutton Utd Tennis Club 15 wks (5/9-19/12) £40.50
Wed KS1 & KS2 Dance 8.00-8.40 Laura Freakly 15 wks (6/9-20/12) £40.50
Wed Y3-4 Football 3.30-4.45 Jordan Francis 15 wks (6/9-20/12) £40.50
Wed KS2 Tag Rugby 3.30-4.45 JC Academy 15 wks (6/9-20/12) £40.50
Wed Y1-6 Karate 3.30-4.30 John Richards 15 wks (6/9-20/12) £56.25
Thu KS1 & KS2 Gymnastics 8.00-8.40 Mr Webber/Laura Freakly 15 wks (7/9-21/12) £40.50
Thu Y5-6 Football 3.45-4.45 Mr Webber/Ryan Simmonds 15 wks (7/9-21/12) £40.50
Fri KS2 Table Tennis 8.00-8.40 JC Academy 15 wks (8/9-22/12) £40.50
Fri KS2 Badminton 8.00-8.40 JC Academy 15 wks (8/9-22/12) £40.50
Fri KS2 Cross Country 3.30-4.15 Mr Webber/Ryan Simmonds 15 wks (8/9-22/12) £40.50

Letters are sent out each half term asking the children for their preferences.