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House Competitions 2013/14

Summer Term 2014

There has been an exciting end to this year's House Competition, with Longmoor, Wyndley, Blackroot and Bracebridge all vying to be the first winners of the House Shield.

Once again, we held new events that included a basketball shoot out, a raffle ticket selling competition and a 5-a-side football tournament. It would also be remiss to forget the biggest house competition of the year - Sports Day!

Blackroot, with Jude Amiss being the star of the Year 2 event, won the basketball shoot-out. They also managed to sell more raffle tickets for the School Fayre than any other house. An exciting 5-a-side football tournament towards the end of the term was extremely competitive and a 'sudden death' penalty shoot out settled most year groups' results. It was superb to see that the girls scored some of the (best) goals and penalties. Wyndley won the event, much to the delight of their Year 6 House Leaders, Sam Godsell and Lily Massey.

Fortunately, we missed the thunderstorms for both the KS1 and KS2 Sports Days. The children enjoyed sitting in their house groups and cheering on the children in their house. Both events were well supported by parents and friends.

The KS1 Sports Day was won by Bracebridge, with Longmoor second, Blackroot third and Wyndley fourth. KS2 was won by Blackroot, followed by Bracebridge, Wyndley and Longmoor. Each event was contested with determination and the correct attitude, with the overall results very close.

The House Shield Competition took into account the results from the whole school year and included events such as the bake-off, netball, football slam, the art competition, table tennis and many more, as well as house points awarded in class and around school for good behavior and/or work. The results were announced in a very tense atmosphere during an assembly in the last week of term.

The results were:

  • 1st: Bracebridge – 189 points
  • 2nd: Blackroot – 182 points
  • 3rd: Wyndley – 177 points
  • 4th: Longmoor - 161 points

Well done to Bracebridge!

Congratulations to everyone in the House group, but especially to the House Captains (Daniel Joeres and Emily Pannell) and Vice-Captains (Elijah Amiss and Louie Barrie).

Finally, we had our elections for next year's House Leaders. The election process involved candidates producing an application and then presenting in front of their peers. Well done to those who stood for election and to those who were chosen to be the new House Leaders.

However, it is with some sadness that we had to say 'goodbye' to the current Year 6 House Leaders, who move on to their new schools after the summer holidays. They have worked extremely hard in developing an excellent house competition this year and they certainly deserve plenty of praise. We all wish them well as they go into Year 7.


2014 House Winners - Bracebridge!
2014 House Celebration event.

Bracebridge House Leaders.
Bracebridge House Captains.

Sports Day - Blackroot.
Sports Day - Longmoor.

Sports Day - Wyndley.
Egg and Spoon Race on Sports Day.

Spring Term 2014

The Spring term competition was extremely close with last term's winners Wyndley placed in joint 3rd place. Blackroot and Bracebridge were the joint winners in what was a thrilling result. The House Leader's points for good behaviour had a dramatic effect on the results.

The final result for the term was:

  • 1st: Blackroot – 61 points
  • 1st: Bracebridge – 61 points
  • 3rd: Wyndley – 44 points
  • 3rd: Longmoor - 44 points

The house competitions produced some excellent spirit between the houses. The football slam competition was won by Bracebridge, the cricket fielding competition was won by Longmoor, the table tennis by Bracebridge and the cross country by Longmoor.

Furthermore, we had an excellent House Art Competition, where each of the KS2 year groups were asked to draw or paint a picture of the pool in Sutton Park which represents their house. A big well done to Kitty McAteer (1st), Emily Pannell (2nd) and Lily Massey (3rd) for entering with some superb work.

We had a House Assembly where the House Leaders presented to all of the KS2 children in their house. They all did a magnificent job and inspired their house to try and be the first to have their name on the inaugural House Competition Shield.

Heading into the Summer term, it is Bracebridge who are in the lead with 135 points in total and are now favourites to win this year's competition. Blackroot are joint second with Wyndley (128 points) and Longmoor are 4th with 113 points. Bracebridge are confident about winning, but I am sure the other House Leaders would have something to say about that! The race for the shield is on...

As we enter the final part of the Spring Term events such as Connect 4, a basketball shoot-out and a 5-a-side football tournament are planned. In addition, we must not forget Sports Day!

Well done to everyone who volunteered to be involved and those who competed for their house. All of the House Captains really value everyone's support.


Year 6 Table Tennis.
Year 3 Table Tennis.

House Captains. Who will win the shield?

Autumn Term 2013

It has been an exciting Autumn term in the House Competition, with many new events and plenty of excitement and friendly rivalry amongst the teams.

The highlight of the term was the House Bake-Off, which was won by Bracebridge in both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Competition. The staff were the willing judges and they sampled a selection of delicious jam tarts and scones! Thank you to Julie from the kitchen for her help. The House Leader's Bake-Off Competition, to be held later in the year, should be fun for all of the participants!

On the sporting front, the Football Penalty Shoot-Out was won by Bracebridge. The event was made truly exciting as the Year 4 Competition went to sudden death and almost lasted beyond lunchtime and into afternoon lessons. The Netball Shoot-Out was also won by Bracebridge.

The non-sporting competitions also included a very impressive Operation Christmas Child Charity Shoebox Collection. All year groups participated and Longmoor were victorious collecting an amazing 34 boxes. Wyndley were second with 32 boxes, followed by Blackroot (28 boxes) and Bracebridge (26 boxes). At the end of term a festive 'Who Can Make The Best Paper Snowflake?' Competition was won by Longmoor.

The House Leaders have been involved in organising many new activities this term as well as supporting the teaching staff in awarding house points for doing the right thing.

The Autumn Term Competition was close, but the final result was:

  • 1st: Wyndley - 80 points
  • 2nd: Bracebridge - 71 points
  • 3rd: Longmoor - 68 points
  • 4th: Blackroot - 65 points

Therefore it is Wyndley who are currently in the lead in getting their name on the House Competiton Shield at the end of the year. The results for each term are added together to make the overall winners so the other houses will have to do their best to catch Wyndley.

Future events in the Spring Term will include football slam, cricket fielding, rowing and a drawing competition.

Well done to everyone who volunteered to be involved and those who competed for their house. All of the House Captains really value everyone's support.

House Captains and Vice-Captains.
Key Stage 1 House Captains.

Bake-Off Competition.
Penalty Shoot-Out Competition.

Netball Shoot-Out.
Netball Shoot-Out.

Netball Shoot-Out.
Netball Shoot-Out.

Netball Shoot-Out.