Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

House Competitions 2014/15

Summer Term 2015

The summer term was the final sprint to decide on the winners of the House Shield. We had several events for which house points were awarded, with Sports Day being the most important.

The juggling competition was challenging and it was clear that Coppice as a whole need to practice their skills! Ian Bailey (Longmoor) was by far the most proficient juggler. The school tennis skills competition was well supported, as was the spelling event.

The House 5-a-side football was perhaps the most eagerly awaited event and, although it was disrupted by both exceptionally hot weather and torrential rain, it was well supported by all of the children. Indeed, it was great to see children from all age groups and houses supporting their peers. The event itself was won by Bracebridge House, who won ALL year groups with the exception of Year 5, where they finished runners up to Wyndley.

Both the KS1 and KS2 sports days were highly competitive, but were carried out with the great enthusiasm and fairness. It was great to see all of the houses using their new anthems, especially Longmoor who were ably conducted by Bronte Harris. The KS1 and KS2 events were won by Bracebridge, with Blackroot a commendable runner up.

All of the House Groups start with the aim of winning the House Shield. The results of each of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms are added together. Longmoor won the summer term, with Blackroot, Bracebridge and then Wyndley following behind.

The overall results for the academic year were as follows:

  • 1st: Wyndley - 248 points
  • 2nd: Bracebridge – 215 points
  • 3rd: Blackroot – 211 points
  • 4th: Longmoor – 192 points

Congratulations to Wyndley for wrestling the shield from the previous year’s winners Bracebridge and lifting the House Shield for the first time.

As we moved into the new academic year, we quite rightly thanked the House Leaders for their enthusiasm and efforts during the whole school year.

The children elected the 2015-16 House Leaders who began their year with a superb attitude and took on their new roles with plenty of enthusiasm. The new school year has started with two hugely exciting events, namely the Ten Pin Bowling Competition and the Penalty Shoot Out. Blackroot were victorious in the bowling event. The Penalty Shoot Out was memorable, especially for Year 6’s Miles McSheffrey with his heroics in goal and Tanaka Chiadzwa (Year 2) for his willingness to help all year groups. The event was won by Longmoor.

As we move into the start of November it is Longmoor who have continued their good result at the end of the summer term and gained the best overall results to date.

Well done to everyone who has volunteered to be involved and those who competed for their house. All of the House Captains really value everyone’s support.


Juggling competition.
Tennis skills competition.

Tennis skills competition.
Tennis skills competition.

Year 5 Football.
Sports Day.

Sports Day.
Sports Day.

Sports Day.
2014/15 House Competition Winners - Wyndley

House winners celebration.

Spring Term 2015

We have had some interesting house competitions this term, with the skipping challenge being the most interesting.

The challenge was to skip for as long as you could up to a maximum of 2 minutes and then repeat it after a short break. The children certainly didn’t find the required fitness a problem, unlike some of the staff. A special mention must go to Jemima McCollum for taking on the teachers and winning. The overall result was a tie between Blackroot and Wyndley. Bracebridge and Longmoor also tied for third place.

The Football Slam event was hard fought, with the memorable and lengthy Year 4 competition won by Longmoor. This year groups’ success was important in giving Longmoor the 8 house points to win the competition. The impressive Wyndley were runners up, with Bracebridge third and Blackroot in fourth place.

The House Assemblies were very exciting and the House Captains and Vice-Captains should be commended for leading them. To speak in front of all 60 KS2 children in their house group is very daunting. They began to choose and practice a house song, which will be heard on Sports Day.

The House Leaders have not only been giving the weekly results in Tuesday’s assemblies, but have also been encouraging children to support their house. Cameron Taylor’s speech for Blackroot was well delivered and had the desired effect.

The Spring Term Competition was extremely successful for Wyndley. They now take a huge lead into the Summer Term. It will be a tough challenge, but it is possible, for the other houses to catch them up and have their name on the House Shield.

Spring Term Results:

  • 1st: Wyndley - 121 points
  • 2nd: Blackroot – 96 points
  • 3rd: Bracebridge – 88 points
  • 4th: Longmoor – 74 points

The results for each term are added together to make the overall winners. Wyndley are currently first, with Bracebridge second, followed closely by Blackroot. Longmoor are in fourth place.

Future events in the Summer Term will include 5-a-side football matches, tennis, juggling and the all-important Sports Day. We are also having a House Spelling Competition at the beginning of the term.

Well done to everyone who volunteered to be involved and those who competed for their house. All of the House Captains value everyone’s support.


Year 2 Football Slam.
Year 3 Football Slam.

Year 3 Blackroot Skipping Team.
Year 3 Skipping.

Year 4 Football Slam.
Year 4 Skipping.

Year 5 Skipping.
Year 6 Skipping.

House Leaders in action.

Autumn Term 2014

Wow! What an action packed house competition in this Autumn Term, which has given our new House Leaders team plenty to work on. They were elected by their peers at the end of the last school year.

They have all demonstrated great leadership skills and a positive attitude in encouraging the children to enter competitions and collect house points at every opportunity. In addition this term, the staff have all joined a House Group and become very competitive. Mr Matthiesen (Year 4) and Mrs Stevenson (Year 6), representing Longmoor, leading the way!

We have had numerous house competitions this term and congratulations to Wyndley for winning the Ten Pin Bowling competition. Blackroot were successful in the Cross Country Running and were the school Master Chefs after winning both the Years 3 / 4 and 5/6 competitions. Furthermore, Bracebridge won the Basketball Shoot Out and had the best numeracy skills by winning the House Maths Challenge. Longmoor won the Operation Christmas Child Competition, leading the number of boxes brought into school from the start of the collection. Bronte Harris (Longmoor) deserves a special mention for her cooking skills and Maya Patel (Blackroot) for her basketball shooting.

When all of the house results for the Autumn term were collected the final positions were as follows:

  • 1st: Wyndley – 76 points
  • 2nd: Bracebridge – 66 points
  • 3rd: Blackroot – 56 points
  • 4th: Longmoor - 49 points

Well done to Wyndley who are now in a strong position to win the House Shield at the end of the year and full steam ahead for everyone in the Spring Term.

Basketball shoot-out.

Basketball shout-out competitors.
Ten pin bowling.

Ten pin bowing competitors.
KS1 House Captains.

Blackroot House Leaders.
Bracebridge House Leaders.

Longmoor House Leaders.
Wyndley House Leaders