Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

Pupil Voice

At Coppice Primary School we like to encourage our pupils to take on different aspects of responsibility. This page explains the different opportunities available to the children.

School Council

Two children from each class are elected by their peers to School Council each year. Members represent their class in many of the decisions that effect school life. They meet on a regular basis and have had meetings with the Chair of Governors and kitchen staff.

They have been responsible for how the outside area has developed and spend a lot of time considering which charities should be supported.

Head Girl/Boy

Four children from Year 6 are elected each term by staff to represent the school as head and deputy head girls and boys.

Whilst in office they are the ambassadors for the school and will carry out duties accordingly. They will show prospective parents around the school, be role models for other children and represent the school as members of Four Oaks Youth (a group of children from all the schools in Four Oaks who take responsibility for promoting the good name of local children).

Friends Against Bullying - FAB

Children at the end of Year 5 apply to become members of FAB for when they become Year 6. They receive training to become mediators on the playground to help support other children with any disagreements that they may have. They also help support children on the playground at Langley School.

Playground Pals

Children from Year 2 are chosen as ambassadors to help support their Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage peers as they play at lunchtime and playtime.

Play Leaders

These are children in Year 5 who have chosen to help organise and facilitate games on the playground at lunchtime and playtimes. They have been trained at Arthur Terry Secondary School and take their role very seriously.

House Captains

Coppice has four houses:

  • Wyndley
  • Blackroot
  • Bracebridge
  • Longmoor.

House Captains, from Year 6, are elected by their houses at the start of each year and supported by captains from Year 2.

They are responsible for monitoring and collection of house points earned by the children. They promote excellent behaviour and act as role models for the other children in the school.