Coppice Primary School, Trinity Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

School Staff

Meet the staff of our school - all drawn by our talented pupils. If you'd like to see what they really look like, just roll over the drawings with your mouse!

Miss Babla
by Grace

Mr Bailey
by Rohan

Mrs Bridge
by James

Mrs Cheek
by Emily

Miss Cook
by Chesney

Mrs Cooper
by Eve

Mr D Cox
by Kitty

Mrs Dodwell
by Emily

Mrs Dove
by James

Mrs Elwell
by Eve

Miss Fegan
by Florence

Mrs Godwin
by Jack

Mr Green
by Jacob

Mrs Hatton
by Sam

Mrs Hodge
by Lily

Mrs Holland
by Lawrence

Mr Holland
by Aimee

Mrs Huxley
by Bonnie

Mrs Ingram
by Anna

Mrs Jarvis
by Fraser

Mrs Kay
by Isobel

Mr Leeming
by Henry

Mr Matthiesen
by James

Mrs K Mitchell
by Aayan

Mrs L Mitchell
by Charlotte

Mr Palmer
by Cairo

Mrs Parker
by Jaan

Miss Ramsey
by James

Mrs Ross
by Omar

Miss Salmon
by Scarlett

Mrs Sandhi
by Isobel

Mrs Scarrett
by Megan

Mrs Sewell
by Amy

Mrs Smith
by Will

Miss Springer
by Tanya

Mrs Stevenson
by Ruby

Mrs Stokes
by Jodie

Mr Webber
by Zachary

Miss Wheeler
by Cans

Mrs Williams
by Ben

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr Richard Green Headteacher
Mr Andrew Leeming Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Katherine Elwell Assistant Headteacher, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Stevenson Assistant Headteacher, Year 2 Teacher
Miss Jess McCance Reception Teacher
Mrs Kerin Mitchell Reception Teacher
Mrs Terri Ingram Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Mairead Ross Year 1 Teacher, Phase Leader, EYFS
Mr Magnus Matthieson Year 2 Teacher
Miss Raksha Babla Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Leanne Cheek Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Zoe Hatton Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Jez Sandhi Year 4 Teacher
Miss Alexandra Wheeler Year 5 Teacher, Phase Leader, Literacy
Mr Harry Walklett Year 5 Teacher
Mr Daniel Cox Year 5 Teacher
Miss Kirsty Fegan Year 6 Teacher
Miss Sianna Salmon Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Fiona Godwin Teacher - PPA
Mrs Jackie Huskisson Teacher - PPA
Mrs Jane Kay Teacher - PPA
Mrs Rebecca Smith Teacher - PPA
Mrs Alison Huxley Teacher - PPA, Maths
Miss Ruth Springer Teacher - PPA, Music
Mr Ian Webber Teacher - PPA, PE
Mrs Kathryn Williams Teacher Reading Recovery
Mrs Elizabeth Bridge SENCO
Miss Charlotte Cook Teaching Assistant
Mrs Andrea Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kay Dodwell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tina Dove Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Jarvis Teaching Assistant
Mrs Marie McElhannan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lorraine Mitchell Teaching Assistant
Mr Paul Palmer Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janet Sewell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anne Stokes Teaching Assistant
Miss Marcia Ramsey Teaching Assistant, Pupil Premium
Mr Ian Bailey Infrastructure Manager
Mrs Lynette Scarrett Bursar
Mrs Joanna Hodge School Administrator
Mrs Carolyn Holland Receptionist, Administrative Assistant
Mrs Karen Parker Finance Administrator
Mrs Victoria Hewitson Trust Business Manager
Mr David Holland Site Supervisor
Miss Bethany Bryant Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kareen Cook Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Melanie Gibbins Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jennifer Hall Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sonya Higgs Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Agnieszka Kurowska Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Jayne Langley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Callum McGown Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sharon Nash Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Amanda Veraca Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Leigh Yap Lunchtime Supervisor